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has permanently banned Pornhub from for 'repeatedly violating' its policies on nudity, adult content and sexual solicitation.
The move comes three weeks after the porn website's official account was disabled, which operators assumed was temporary.
Pornhub has responded by posting an open letter on , arguing that the platform's policies have been 'opaque, discriminatory and hypocritical'.
It cites the image of where her rear end is exposed that remains on Instagram as an example of the latter.
The site also claims that the removal of its account is 'profoundly damaging' to the independent creators who utilise Instagram as a 'vital marketing tool'.
Meta has permanently banned Pornhub from Instagram for 'repeatedly violating' its policies on nudity, adult content and sexual solicitation 
Pornhub released its letter on rival social media platform Twitter, where it slams Instagram for 'censoring' the porn industry.

It said: 'Denying us an ability to promote our brands and grow our businesses while continuously erasing, silencing, and censoring the presence of Free Sex Webcam workers and adult brands is violent and profoundly damaging'

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<div class="art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS sciencetech" data-version="2" id="mol-1912ec30-3fe3-11ed-a488-b51dee9745f6" website permanently bans Pornhub from Instagram for violating policies